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Production Processes Frantoio Polizzi

Production Processes Frantoio Polizzi

Production Processes

Polizzi olive groves are 6 hectares large, 600 meters above sea level and are in Caltanissetta, the heart of Sicily. The landscape is a mixture of colours and nature and olive groves dominate it. Here the most special varieties of olive are cultivated, such as Nocellara, Tonda Iblea and Moresca, from which the olive we mill are obtained. The two-stage and continuous process modern system is a garantee of the high quality of our oil, which has a very low degree of acidity. As soon as the oil is obtained , it is preserved in a depositary, inside steel silos full of nitrogen that protects oil from oxidation. Besides the depository is air-conditioned and the temperature is about 18 °C, perfect to preserve the oil characteristics.
Olive picking and oil conservation

Olives are picked by hand when they turn dark coloured , between october and november, and are milled just few hours after the picking. The oil we obtain is poured into steel silos that are set in a depository. Nitrogen is used to preserve the oil properties. Eventually oil is bottled by using the bottling machine, according to the customer’s requirement.

Olive milling

Olive are milled just few hours after the picking. The defoliation is made by using a granding machine and then olives are washed and milled by using a cylinder oil mill. The kneading occurs inside tanks protected from the air and the oxidation. The cold extraction process assure the genuineness and the high quality of the oil. The oil settles in large rooms where temperature is controlled, inside steel silos wherein argon , that is odourless and tasteless, is introduced for protecting oil from oxidation and changes of temperature. The bottling process occurs after the decantation of the oil. The production processes of the biological oil are more complex and need to be certified by Ecogruppo Italia.

Bottling process

Oil decantation occurs naturally and eventually the oil is bottled. The bottling process is made by using an authomatic system that pours in nitrogen during the filling process and just before the bottle is corked, so that the oil characteristics are preserved in time.

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