Frantoio Polizzi
Via Salvatore Averna, 31 Caltanissetta, Caltanissetta, Sicilia Italia
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The Oil Mill Frantoio Polizzi

The Oil Mill Frantoio Polizzi

The Oil Mill

We have been producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil for years and more than three generations. At our oil mill tradition and modern technology go hand to hand to produce our extra virgin olive oil. Each step of the production, from the picking to the bottling , takes place on the spot. We produce and bottle conventional extra virgin oil, biological oil and PGI oil, as well as by-products like flavoured oils, olive pastes and appetizer.
A Family affair since 1950

Fifty years ago, in Caltanissetta, the heart of Sicily, Luigi Polizzi began to produce fine extra virgin olive oil, delicate and unique, fruity flavoured and deep- green coloured, peculiarities that reminds of the generous Sicilian land.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The main aim of the bottling of our fine extra virgin oil is the preservation of its high quality and of its genuine taste.

At Polizzi oil mill by Giangreco Luigi and Company old tradition and modern technology go hand to hand with the only aim to produce excellent oil that is obtained by fine cultivated varieties like Belice Nocellara, Nostrana, Etnea, Tonda Iblea and other selectioned varieties. Olives are picked by experts hands and the milling process occurs within 24 hours, according to old techniques with the aim to preserve the organoleptic properties of the olive.


Our extra virgin olive oil has gained several national and international awards in the fruity oils category Our production includes the biological extra virgin olive oil as well as flavoured oils, olive pastes and appetizer belonging to the typical Sicilian tradition.

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